Santa Cruz de la Serós

The charming urban centre of Santa Cruz de la Serós is found at 7 km from San Juan de la Peña and it houses two Romanesque jewels to visit.

The church of Santa María was a Benedictine nuns’ monastery in the eleventh and twelfth centuries and among its walls lived the women of the Aragonese nobility. Aresa, Urraca and Sancha, daughters of King Ramiro I, were his most famous guests. Their tympanum, their belfry tower and a Gothic altarpiece of the century 15th century stand out.
The hermitage of San Caprasio, located at the entrance of the town, is a beautiful example of Lombard Romanesque from the 11th century.
The monastery of San Juan de la Peña, along with the lush nature that surrounds it and the two churches of Santa Cruz de la Serós, make up the monastic complex of San Juan de la Peña.

Entrance tickets to the monastery include access to the church of Santa María (Santa Cruz de la Serós). Please note that on dates with little influx of visitors, the church remains closed during labour days.

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