Protected Landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel

In full Aragon’s Pyrenees is found the spectacular space of the Protected Landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel, and among its most outstanding elements displays the Old Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, jewel of the medieval era.

The territory in which is found San Juan de la Peña is a natural space with a surprising biodiversity. The great rock that gives to it its name, the same as Oroel, it is a huge sinclinal hung from conglomerates, with crests in the mountains of Cuculo and San Salvador.

Here grow large forest bulks, among which stands out the wild pine, the oak or holly-oak, the gall-oak and the boxwood. In the most protected zones, there are plants that require a greater atmospherically dampness, as the beech tree. In the cliffs are developed kinds of rock-dwelling species of great botanical interest, as the bear ear or the valerian long flora.

The mushrooms, of great abundance, and different types of birds complete an ecosystem full of life, in which stand out the predatory and the ghouls, as the common vulture or the Egyptian vulture, in addition to the typical fauna of the forest: boars, foxes, genets, martens, roe deer…

In the immediacies of both monasteries there are numerous viewpoints on to the Pyrenees, among which stand out the Balcony of the Pyrenees and the Viewpoint of San Vote, as well as the various hermitages.

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