Monastery of San Juan de la Peña interpretation centre

Seated on the ruins of the New Monastery, a surprising space of the 21st century shows us the different aspects of the joint of San Juan de la Peña, from its origins until the monks had to abandon the monastery in the 19th century.

In its interior, an original structure makes the visitor, walking along a crystal floor, see under their feet the different dependencies that the Monastery was: the service rooms, the kitchen, the medicine cabinet, the refectory, the wine cellar and the cupboard… all of them decorated with natural sized friar figures, furniture, utensils, etc., to be able to understand the huge dimensions of this monastery.

ci monasterio

Through informative and modern panel, the visitor can discover all the keys of the daily life of San Juan de la Peña, together with wide samples of original objects of the monasteries.

The new great interpretation centre is perfectly integrated with the new monastery and its environment.