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Monasterio viejo San Juan de la Peña

Built under a massive rock for shelter, it harbours in its interior the pre-Romanesque church, the Pantheon of Nobles and the magnificent Romanesque cloister.

monasterio nuevo

Impressive Baroque building seated on the beautiful meadow of San Indalecio; it was founded as a consequence of the terrible fire of the Old Monastery.

CI Monasterio San Juan de la Peña

A journey through time to discover how the New Monastery worked and the daily life of the monks.

iglesia la seros

Essential Romanesque jewel, in the eleventh and twelfth centuries the church belonged to a monastery for women and among its walls lived the women of the Aragonese nobility.

Exceptional natural environment

Monte Oroel

Protected Landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel

Rutas de Senderismo

Hiking trails

Santa Cruz de la Serós

Santa Cruz de la Serós

Camino Santiago

Route of Santiago


Before and/or after your visit, we recommend you make a stop at our restaurant.

Located in the New Monastery, next to the spectacular San Indalecio meadow, it offers a selection of hot sandwiches, freshly made pizzas, toasts and take-away salads.